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ExtJs syntax for declaration object inheritance, mixins, static methods / properties / mixins, singleton declaration and IoC container out of the box. Size near 4kB minified JavaScript code and 1,7kB gzip. You can see current version MoaJs in root and release version in release folder.

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  • MoaJs API

    • clear - clear all declared types and mixins
    • define - declare object type / get constructor by type name
    • resolve - get instance by type name with resolved properties, prototype fields and constructor injection
    • mixin - declare mixin type
    • getType - predefined exemplar method, which return declared type name
    • getRegistry - return object with arrays of types and mixins
    • getTypeInfo - return internal information about declared type



  • Randomise mixin
    • rnd from 0 to range
    • rnd in range min - max
  • Search mixin
    • linear search (equal, less, greater)
    • binary search (equal, greater)
  • Sort mixin
    • swap elements
    • qsort
    • comb sort
    • gnome sort
    • shaker sort
    • insert sort
    • binary insert sort
    • merge sort
    • hybrid merge sort with insert sort
    • one array merge sort
    • selection sort
  • Throw Error mixin

    Generate error if not right condition

    • undefined error
    • indexOf error
    • notInRange error
    • notInstanceOf error
    • notObj error
    • notFn error
    • notStr error
    • notEqual error


MoaJs v0.1.3 - in process

  • IoC implementation: property, prototype and constructor injection
  • delete mixins Moa.mixixn('mix', null)
  • getTypeInfo - internal information about type
  • clear - delete all declarations
  • $proto in $di declaration
  • create documentation for JsDoc. Result.

MoaJs v0.1.2

  • getRegistry - list available types and mixins
  • Set up release process (version, minification, compression) and save result to release folder

MoaJs v0.1.1

  • rindomise mixin
  • search mixin
  • sort mixin
  • throw error mixin
  • grunt-benchmark for testing performance

MoaJs v0.1.0

  • declare object in ExtJs syntax and get it by type name
  • object inheritance with $extend by type name
  • using $base closure for executin parent constructor or methods
  • static methods
  • simple 'singleton' declaration
  • mixins
  • static mixins
  • support client side (AMD / direct reference)
  • support CommonJs declaration


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Copyright © 2013-2014 Sergii Danilov,

MoaJs may be freely distributed under the MIT license.

Feel free to contact me should you require any futher information.

Copyright © 2013-2014 Sergii Danilov. All rights reserved.
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